How to Customize the 13 inch gaming laptops Dell XPS 13 Touchpad Settings

Dell XPS 13 is one of the best 13 inch gaming laptops which has super-cool Infinity Edge display screen that will bring you the next level of gaming experience. The performance of Dell XPS 13 it’s really fitting for you who wants to work intensively and ideal for gaming.

When you are working or playing the game with the laptop, you might have found something that makes you uncomfortable with the problem in the touchpad. But don’t worry, you can’t handle it by doing this following step how to customize 13 inch gaming laptops Dell XPS 13 touchpad settings.

How to Customize Dell XPS 13 Touchpad Settings

1. How to tweak the touchpad
The first thing you should do in how to tweak the touchpad is going to the Settings menu, select Devices Mouse & Touchpad. After that, choose the right panel which is Additional mouse options. The next is, you should select the Pointer Options then uncheck the Enhance pointer precision, and then you will find out a setting you like by just select a pointer speed down and change it into slower.

2. Change your Dell XPS 13 the touchpad drivers
The next step is to change your Dell XPS 13 touchpad drivers. First, you should go to Device Manager that you can find by right click the Window Start button. Do the right click once again to remove both I2C HID Device and HID-compliant touchpad.

After that, you can download a new Synaptics driver from the website that appeared. Make sure you have downloaded and then select Update Driver Software by right click PS/2 Mouse in Device Manager. You can select manual update and Browse my PC. Then install it by pointing the installer to the Synaptics driver.

That’s all about how to customize 13 inch gaming laptops Dell XPS 13 touchpad settings. Don’t forget to check out our website.