5 Reasons why gamers love to play with SMURF accounts

Playing games using a small account or commonly referred to as smurfing, is one of the alternative ways to enjoy the game that recently rampant. Not only done by casual gamers, many professional gamers are caught doing smurfing while streaming. Meanwhile, check out our service if you want to buy the lol smurfs as well.

Well, here are five reasons why gamers like to play in small accounts:

1. Trying Something Different

Usually, in the main account, we will exert the best ability in accordance with the capacity and the controlled area. For example, happy to play support, then the selected and improved character of course focus on the thing that smells of support. By playing in small accounts, we can move away and enjoy other roles that have been difficult to apply in the main account.

2. Too Saturated in Main Account

As many as a gamer, there will be a point where the level of play reaches the maximum level and does not grow anymore. This moment can be interpreted also as a saturation point. When gamers already feel stuck with achievement, playing with a small account could be an option to ‘refresh’ back saturation.

3. For Sale

Got more experience from the main account, can make you very effective when creating a new account. For example in the game MOBA, certainly, you are very easy and quickly penetrate the rank-rank low to the last rank where your main account is located. In this way, many gamers then sell their small accounts when they reach the high rank.

4. To Help Friends

If any of your friends are just starting to play the game you’ve been playing for, of course, there will be different levels or rank far enough. This difference sometimes makes you unable to play with them. Well, using a small account could be one way to overcome this.

5. For bullying the new players

Playing with a small account will certainly be dealing also with other players who just started learning the game. A significant difference in playing skills allows you to easily defeat them. Winning with a landslide score certainly gives you a great satisfaction!