Small things that may help you have a convenient Hajj pilgrimage

If the weather in the Holy Land is cold, bring warm clothing. Bring sweaters and knitwear. Do not bring a jacket that is too thick for eating the contents of the suitcase and not practical if to the mosque wearing a thick jacket. No less important, bring a mask. For women take and wear a long rope mask, because if wearing a mukena / hijab certainly cannot put in the ear. Apart from that, you might need to visit and check out the excellent deals for Hajj travel.

Regarding the bag to be carried, there are some bags that may be brought if not too busy.

Passport bag. This bag must be there, filled with money, passport, and a picture of yourself and include the telephone number of the group leader who can be contacted. If the bag is lost, the finder can call the number.

A small tote bag to carry on the bus, its contents a few pieces of clothing or Muslim shirts, mukena for women, small towels, toiletries, sunblock, body lotion, and others.
Travel bag / small suitcase to carry at Mina (campground).

Before leaving for the Holy Land, start a physical exercise such as jogging and swimming regularly to form stamina. Hajj is very demanding physical excellent and mentally good.
If carrying a mobile phone, take as much as an ordinary mobile phone. Do not forget to bring the charger.