There Are Various Dangers In Sweet Tea That You Should Know

You must often consume sweet and fresh tea. This is often done by a lot of people because think sweet tea can refresh their bodies. In fact, if consumed frequently it will have an impact on your body. To avoid it, you can replace it with red tea that is useful for your body as skinny fit tea. You can lose weight with the drink.

Sweet tea does look refreshing if consumed during the day. You must often consume it. In fact, behind the fresh sweet tea, there are some dangers that lurk you. here are some of the dangers.

1. Can lead to kidney stones if consume excessively
Tea contains a substance called oxalic acid that can also be found in other food ingredients such as spinach or chocolate. The oxalic acid can absorb the mineral calcium in the body and form insoluble compounds that are difficult to absorb by the body. These compounds are crystals that implant themselves in the tissues and can cause tremendous pain.

2. Caffeine in tea can raise blood pressure
One thing you should remember is that tea or coffee drinks have caffeine that will raise blood pressure if consumed in excess. Caffeine content in it is not as much in coffee, but black tea and green tea contains enough caffeine that can increase blood pressure and cause high blood pressure.

3. Sugar in sweet tea has the potential to cause diabetes
The danger of sweet tea with too much sugar in it can cause health disruption. If sugar is consumed in excess it will make the insulin system in the body becomes disturbed. If it can not be controlled, it will increase the risk of diabetes. Especially if the sugar used is a very bad artificial sugar for the body.

4. Cause obesity
Cold drinks are vulnerable to the risk of obesity and diabetes, including sweet iced tea. Tea is healthy, but if iced tea is added with sugar or even other artificial sweeteners it will make it not healthy anymore.