Do This Before Doing Tummy Tuck

Before the operation for a tummy tuck is done, there are several requirements that must be done by the client at Washington State Plastic Surgery. The terms are as follows:

– Blood check to see the function of blood in general and the functions of other important organs, plus an examination of a general physical condition. From the results of laboratory tests, will be known whether the client is eligible to undergo surgery or not. For example, if the client’s blood sugar is high, surgery should be delayed to wait for her blood sugar to fall.

– Detects a history of sickness or specific allergies on the client. In addition to blood checks, clients should also check-up health thoroughly. Therefore, it is feared clients who have a history of pain in the past so that organ function is disrupted. If a particular disease is found, it should be checked first.

– Lose weight. For clients who experience overweight (excess body weight), is expected to lower the body weight first. Weight loss before this operation needs to be done. If the client managed to lose weight, then they have a high motivation to get a good stomach shape.